Litone LBS Light Sheet System
The optimal platform for 5D live-cell fluorescence imaging

Fast living sampling imaging

> Acquiring over 1000 sections per      second


with stunning 3D resolution

> 250nm lateral resolution and            300nm axial resolution


and ultra-low phototoxicity

> 1000 times less than confocal

The LBS is sophistically crafted to be much thinner and longer than these traditional light sheets, therefore the Litone™ LBS excels in 3D resolution and signal to noise ratio owing to its much improved sectioning ability

The LBS Technology
Longer thinner light sheet for better optical sectioning 
Your good data is only a few clicks away
Much simplified operation provided by LitScan control software

Simple and smart data acquisition settings

> Turn-key operation


with on-the-fly data processing

> Optimized algorism for fast and        reliable image processing


and built-in 3D rendering

> Get your data the moment                  acquisition ends

Download Product Brochure and Specification Sheet