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LiTone XL Light-sheet Microscope
​All-round platform for cleared tissue imaging

Designed for large sample 

> Host sample as big as 20mm

> Perfect for cleared tissue


with live imaging capability

> long-term imaging of live zebra fish

> Image multiple samples simultaneously

and balanced resolution and FOV

> Provide 500nm lateral resolution and 1.5um axial resolution over the entire sample

LiTone XL.png
Powered by LBS Technology
Longer thinner light sheet for better optical sectioning 

LiTone XL features the same LBS technology as in our LiTone LBS systems but reconfigured to provide a much larger field of view for imaging large for tissue-level imaging. Besides, XL applies a unique 4-side illumination to achieve better sample penetration and uniform capture over the entire sample.

XL illumination.jpg
A versatile system
Image cleared tissue sample and gel-embedded live sample at the same platform

LiTone XL is designed with optics to be adaptable to a wide range of refractive indices, from water to solvent solutions with IR as high as 1.54, which allows users to image both cleared tissue and live embryos without changing any optics manually. 


Blood vessel in cleared mouse brain

XL Zebrafish.png

Cap motor neuron in zebrafish

Real-time rendering with build-in software
LitScan 2.0 provide powerful on-the-fly 3D rendering package

No budget to purchase a third-party 3D rendering software? No problem. Our latest LitScan control and analysis software offers build-in rendering package that allows simple movie rendering along with other useful functions like fast 3D devolution.

Thy1-YFP mouse brain data rendered by LitScan 2.0

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